College Study US works closely with students, their families and representative agencies to match student interest with the best possible U.S. universities.


Q: How can College Study US help me?
A: College Study US helps students from all part of the world learn more about the excellent opportunities to live and study in the United States. CSUS is based in New York and provides free assistance to all international students who are seriously considering university study in the US especially for a college bachelor's or Masters degree.
Q: How do I start working with College Study US?
A: It is very easy to get started. Click here to contact us and speak with a counselor.
Q: What types of universities are available to me in the United States?
A: There are many options available to students who want to study in the US. College Study US staff are very knowledgeable of universities and will provide you with options to review. There is a network of universities that work very closely with CSUS and who are very interested and supportive in attracting international students.
Q: Can I be accepted to an American University?
A: In almost all cases the answer is yes! Universities in the US are diverse and interested in attracting international students with different backgrounds and skill levels. Depending upon your academic interests, past performance in school and your English language proficiency, there are a number of universities who will be interested in you.
Q: What College options are available to me?
A: There are many options available to you. CSUS network of universities will assist you look at large (over 10,000 students) and small universities (under 5,000 students) and offer over 200 different academic programs. CSUS universities are located in all parts of the US including the popular states of New York, Florida, Connecticut, California, Texas, Illinois and New Jersey.
Q: My English language skills are not strong. How will this affect my chances of being admitted?
A: Universities know that many international students need assistance with the English language. Most used standardized tests (TOEFL or IELTS) to help them determine your level of the English language. With this information they will know if you need assistance and may recommend an intensive language program on their campus or at another location. If you have the academic background to be successful at their university they will work with you and may offer a "conditional" admission program for you.
Q: What is conditional admission?
A: Conditional admission is a great way to start your US college experience. Here you are admitted to a university because of your past academic performance but will be asked to first complete an English language program to enhance your skills. Once you complete this program (usually one or two semesters) you will be able to start the academic part of your college education.
Q: Can I get accepted without taking the TOEFL exam?
A: In many cases yes! College Study US works with a number of universities in the US that do not require international students to take the TOEFL or IELTS if they have completed an approved Intensive English program or, they can demonstrate a high level of English proficiency. Some universities may then offer you an opportunity to start in their conditional program.
Q: How strong are the College Study US universities?
A: All of the CSUS universities are fully accredited in the US and have very good reputations for offering quality programs. Many universities have received national and regional rankings and have been recognized by rating services and national publications.
Q: What is needed to apply to a US university?
A: College Study US will help you during the entire admissions process. Universities will ask you to complete a basic application and provide documents (records) of all your previous school work so that they can determine your academic strengths. They will ask for a personal statement and for information about you English language skills (TOEFL or IELTS). Once admitted they will need a financial statement to determine if you have funding to cover your college and living costs.
Q: How do I start the application process?
A: Go to the Apply Now page to start your College Study US application.
Q: How long does it take to receive acceptance once I apply?
A: In most cases colleges within the College Study US network will make a decision within 2-3 weeks after receipt of all admissions documents. CSUS works very closely with each college so the process can go quickly. Applications to non member CSUS universities usually hake 6-8 weeks or longer.
Q: Can I apply to a university outside of the College Study US network?
A: Yes. CSUS will always assist you with your college choices. The network of CSUS universities is diverse and many will offer you excellent options.
Q: What is a student visa and how do I get one?
A: All international students must secure a student visa (usually called an F-1) from the US Embassy or Consulate in their home country before they can travel to the US. To learn about the F-1 or M-1 student visa application process, visit the US Department of State website at: and click on the US Embassy or Consulate that is closest to your home and go to the section entitled "visas". CSUS will assist you with this process but you first must be admitted to a US university and secure required documents (I-20) before this process can start.
Q: Are scholarships available and how do I get one?
A: Yes. Scholarships are available at most US universities but they are very limited. A scholarship search will be provided for you by CSUS at the time you submit your application and we review the strength of your academic records.


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