Agency partnerships with College Study US provide an excellent opportunity to have direct contact with leading universities in the United States.


Q: What is College Study US?
A: College Study US is a New York based organization dedicated to assisting international students continue their education at accredited US institutions in secondary, English language, bachelor or Masters degree programs of study. CSUS has exceptionally strong contacts with university enrollment officers and administrators and provides quality services to interested agencies.
Q: What is the College Study US Mission?
A: The CSUS mission is to assist strong international students pursue their interest to study in the United States. CSUS works directly with international students and a select group of approved international agencies to assist students find the academic program and university that best suits their needs.
Q: How does an Agency become a partner with College Study US?
A: Interested agencies should contact CSUS and ask to be considered as a partner organization. There is a review process and once approved CSUS will assist in providing all the necessary information to assist students who are interested in member CSUS universities.
Q: Does an agency have to be AIRC certified?
A: Not at this time. College Study US recognizes and supports the work of AIRC and a growing number of CSUS partners are currently AIRC certified.
Q: Who are the member, College Study US universities?
A: College Study US universities represent a diverse group of US institutions, who are all fully accredited, have strong academic programs and who are very supportive of international students. All CSUS universities are working exclusively with CSUS or desire to work with very few foreign based international agencies. All offer a wide variety of bachelor and/or academic programs; many offer on-campus ESL programs for potential conditional admitted students.
Q: Is compensation paid to member agencies?
A: In most cases compensation is available to member agencies. College Study US and member universities recognize the significant work that is accomplished by reputable agencies around the world. College Study US is able to assist agencies based on a scale that is explained during the new agency review process.
Q: What professional organizations does College Study US staff belong to?
A: CSUS's staff have membership in national and regional organizations including NAFSA, ICEF and NACAC. Most of CSUS's affiliate universities and network companies are NAFSA members and strictly adhere to NAFSA's Statement of Ethical Practices. Network Partners are based in over 70 countries.
Q: Who are the College Study US University Partners?
A: The network of CSUS university partners is extensive and constantly changing. All university partners offer fully accredited academic programs and are dedicated to providing an exceptional environment for enrolled international students. The network of CSUS partners includes those based in many states including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Oklahoma, Connecticut and many more. Additional universities are constantly being evaluated and joining as partners.
Q: How can College Study US assist our agency in placing students in the US?
A: CSUS works under a written agreement with each partner agency. Time is spent with each agency to determine the qualifications desired for international students including academic preparation, level of English language proficiency, funding issues and available academic programs of study. Once finalized, CSUS provides partner universities with complete access to the network of university partners.
Q: How is College Study US different from other international student recruiting organizations?
A: College Study US is totally US based, operating from its New York home office. Unlike, most international student recruiting services, CSUS is available daily for college admissions staff to work with and communicate in English. CSUS frequently visits partner universities and strong relationships exist between the university and CSUS staff.


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